Lab 5 Mission

Strategic project Architecture
Visual + Contents Creation
Conceptual Website Design
Show and tell client’s unique story
Quality Assurance

Visual + Contents Creation

Our Subject Matter Experts generate content to ensure that the information presented is accurate and compelling.

  • Interview project stakeholders
  • Write text from scratch and edit supplied copy
  • Defining imagery: existing, stock imagery, or custom photo / video shoot
  • Optimize content for SEO
Stage 3

Website Design

Visual layouts, inspired by proven user interface research, will foster information-retrieval, organic page-flow and overall interest in your services, products and the company itself.

  • Determine color palette and overall visual style
  • Show and tell client’s unique story / content and architecture
  • Design key sections, subpages & other graphic elements
  • Mobile responsive design implementation

Website Development

We develop rock-solid coding to ensure the website’s stability, fast speed of loading and accessibility.

  • Integrate Content Management System
  • Configure Admin dashboard for system control
  • Complex functionality development / Build informational sections
  • Migrate & implement site’s content
  • Scalable mobile responsive layouts development

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